Joshu Osmanski: Business Consultant

Joshu Osmanski is a real estate investor and business consultant based in Boston and New Orleans. Osmanski was born in Boston but wanted to expand his business holdings by consulting with start-ups and other companies based all over the United States to help them build their margins and reach more target customers.

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Joshu Osmanski

Joshu Osmanski has extensive experience in the business investment world that he uses to help his clients. He frequently tells his customers to “expand their minds” when it comes to potential customers and clients.

Most successful businesses have a clearly-defined target audience when they start, but Osmanski has found that many businesses become so focused on their target market that they become pigeon-holed and limit their potential. Joshu Osmanski finds ways for his clients to expand their markets and their profits.

Joshu Osmanski

Joshu Osmanski has helped many businesses create opportunities and find more customers. He has worked in many places throughout the United States.

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About Joshu Osmanski

Joshu Osmanski joined the United States Navy in 2009 after he graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering. He built his career within this branch of the United States military. He became a naval pilot. He was a pilot for five years. He served in the military from 2009 to 2014 before pursuing other career options.
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