Joshu Osmanski: The Key to Success in Real Estate Investing

Joshu Osmanski is a successful real estate investor and business consultant who splits his time between New Orleans and his native Boston.

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Osmanski started in Wall Street and turned his investing and money management skills to real estate after he decided to leave New York City.

He has helped put together commercial and residential properties and property bundles in both New Orleans and Boston throughout his career.

Joshu Osmanski says that the key to real estate investing is to “see what isn’t there.” He seeks to find the potential in a given real estate development project and find ways to make it happen in such a way that realizes a good return on investment.

A project’s potential isn’t always obvious, but if skilled developers and investors see an opportunity, they need to have the courage to stick with their gut.

Joshu Osmanski is a former Navy pilot and helps businesses with consulting services.

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About Joshu Osmanski

Joshu Osmanski joined the United States Navy in 2009 after he graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering. He built his career within this branch of the United States military. He became a naval pilot. He was a pilot for five years. He served in the military from 2009 to 2014 before pursuing other career options.
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