Joshu Osmanski: Former Fighter Pilot

Joshu Osmanski is a former United States Navy fighter pilot and current business consultant. He lives and works in both New Orleans and Boston. Osmanski was an F/A-18 fighter pilot before he got into business and real estate investment.

To be a fighter pilot, candidates have to prove themselves in a series of extremely rigorous tests. Only those that show the best aptitude are allowed to be fighter pilots. Osmanski uses the discipline he learned in the military to direct his business and investment dealings, as well as his consulting services.

The first thing that all fighter pilots need is perfect vision. All fighter pilots not only need 20/20 vision, they need to be able to see all colors and have the mental fortitude to make it through difficult trials and flight tasks.

Joshu Osmanski completed hours of flight training and practice to earn his place in the US Navy.

Joshu Osmanski was a pilot for five years.


About Joshu Osmanski

Joshu Osmanski joined the United States Navy in 2009 after he graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering. He built his career within this branch of the United States military. He became a naval pilot. He was a pilot for five years. He served in the military from 2009 to 2014 before pursuing other career options.
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