Joshu Osmanski: Surfing

Joshu Osmanski works long hours at times for his business consulting and real estate investment company, and he takes his recreational time very seriously. That’s why he has dedicated himself to several sports and hobbies, including surfing.


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Osmanski learned how to surf in Hawaii with his family when he was a child, and he carried on that passion through his professional career as an investment advisor and consultant.

Joshu Osmanski splits his time between New Orleans and Boston, and he switches his residency with the seasons so that he can surf and spend more time outside and in the water.


Osmanski finds it essential to ‘play hard’ after he works hard and continues to push himself to find bigger waves and master the art of surfing. “Surfing is a metaphor for my work, but it relaxes me,” Osmanski says.


Real estate investing and business consulting more-than full-time jobs, and Joshu Osmanski keeps himself sharp by engaging in many kinds of physical activities.

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Joshu Osmanski: A Naval Advantage

Joshu Osmanski attributes his success as a property investor and business leader in his community to his five years in the United States Navy. He trained hard as an officer and fighter pilot and earned the respect of his peers and superiors with his leadership qualities and abilities.

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Not only did the Navy help him shape his leadership style for the rest of his career, it also created opportunities for himself to shine in the civilian sphere. There are many skills and experiences that prepared him for a career in such a competitive field as investing and Finance.

Joshu Osmanski learned first and foremost how to gain and use confidence. Being confident sounds easy. It just means believe in yourself, just like your mother told you in kindergarten. But building confidence in the adult world takes more than just willing yourself to be confident in something.

It means building competency. One thing that the US Navy does not tolerate is incompetence. Lives could be at stake, and mistakes can lead to disaster all too easily. Osmanski learned by a trial of fire all the competencies he would need to help his fellow Naval officers and enlisted men and women in his career in the Navy.

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He turned that confidence into leadership, which, along with his technical training, lent itself well to his career in the civilian sector.

Joshu Osmanski is now a successful property investor. His purchases in New Orleans and Boston have not only given him high returns on investment, they have also made it possible for people in those communities to build businesses and lives of their own in their communities.

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Joshu Osmanski: why snowboarding?

Joshu Osmanski enjoys hitting the slopes in winter to snowboard for an adrenaline rush and as an excuse to get out in the beautiful vistas of the mountains. Joshu Osmanski has always preferred snowboarding to skiing for several reasons after trying out both modes of shredding fresh powder.

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Osmanski is another example of the success that can follow a career in the United States military. After serving as a US Navy officer and fighter pilot, Joshu Osmanski went into property development and investing, where he used the training and professionalism of the Navy to help his career.

Joshu Osmanski got into snowboarding shortly after he left the military. He had been a skier before that, but a friend convinced him to rent a board and try it out one time. Osmanski loved it. He could sit down and take a break on the mountain if he wanted to (difficult and awkward with skis).

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He could keep his balance without the use of cumbersome poles, and he felt the orientation of his feet and body in the bindings of the snowboard was more natural and comfortable for him when going down the mountain. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences when it comes to skiing versus snowboarding, but after earnestly trying both, Osmanski now prefers snowboarding.

Joshu Osmanski loves to go snowboarding now more than ever. He takes time off to try new areas and shred with the other snowboarders who dare to forgo their skis and go down the mountain with their feet firmly bound to their snowboard.

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Joshu Osmanski: Real Estate Investor

Joshu Osmanski is a real estate investor and development manager with years of experience. After earning a Bachelor’s degree Aerospace Engineering from Bridgewater University, Joshu Osmanski spent five years in the United States Navy, where he developed the leadership qualities and competencies that would set him apart for the rest of his professional career. Joshu Osmanski has also learned the ins and outs of different local real estate markets and how to exploit them.

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Real estate investment is all about the local market. What applies to one area might not apply to all others, even in the same region. Each community has a different character driving prices and property values. Joshu Osmanski was never afraid of work and research when it came to property investment.

He works hard to find the best properties in a community that will help people there and provide exceptional returns on investment before the rest of the market finds them. Osmanski, like all other real estate investors and brokers, is always trying to stay ahead of the market, finding properties to buy low and sell high. This process sounds simple, but it takes a great deal of research and anticipation of market fluctuations that only comes with experience and gut instinct at times.

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Joshu Osmanski developed his instincts in real estate development and investment over time and uses those instincts to help guide his decisions that not only affect his bottom line as a property owner, but also the community as a whole. Joshu Osmanski has to be vigilant in the search for the next best property.

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Joshu Osmanski: The United States Navy

Joshu Osmanski was in the United States Navy from 2009 to 2014. He was a fighter pilot and a Naval officer. Osmanski joined the Navy in part because it offers young people opportunities many have to work their entire lives to earn, and it gave Osmanski the tools to succeed professionally and personally in his own life after the military.

Aside from the technical and professional skills Osmanski developed while serving in the Navy, working as a Naval officer in high-pressure situations where performance is everything created the leadership qualities he is known for today.

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Joshu Osmanski joined the United States Navy because he thought it offered him unparalleled opportunity, better than most of the jobs he saw available at the time. The United States Navy is one of the five United States uniformed armed services. The Navy focuses on warfare on the high seas. It has its own fighter pilots and seamen responsible for missions directed from air craft carriers and other battle ships all over the world.

Usually, those who join the Navy can expect long periods of time on ships at sea, conducting various missions and supporting other branches of the US military. But there are many departments within the US Navy, including some that involve meteorology, oceanography, space and naval warfare, naval sea systems command, and more.

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Joshu Osmanski used his time with the US Navy as a stepping stone for his professional career and continues to support the military services of the United States any way he can.

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Joshu Osmanski: Three Reasons Why Scuba Diving is the Best

Joshu Osmanski loves to explore the deep waters with his scuba equipment. He lives in both New Orleans and Boston, both of which afford many opportunities to get into the water and see what lies beneath. Osmanski is a former fighter pilot for the US Navy and now runs a real estate investment firm that deals in properties in both New Orleans and Boston. Osmanski got into scuba diving as a young man and never lost his passion for underwater exploration.

Here are three reasons why he recommends it to everyone he talks to:

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  • See parts of the world few have ever seen. Sure, Hawaii gets millions of visitors a year, but how many of those tourists actually get to swim with the dolphins, sea turtles, and tropical fish of the area? Scuba diving allows you to get into the habitat of some of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures and experience natural areas rarely seen up close.
  • Get away from it all. When you’re under water, as Joshu Osmanski knows, you’re free of all technology except the scuba equipment helping you breathe. It’s a great way to find your Zen amidst your busy life.
  • Be weightless. Does it feel like the world is constantly pulling you down? That’s gravity. When you’re under the surface of the water, you can feel weightless and drift amongst the fish without a care in the world.

Joshu Osmanski has been scuba diving in some of the world’s most beautiful waters. He loves to experience new vistas and places few have ever seen.

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Joshu Osmanski: Three Surfing Tips for Beginners

Joshu Osmanski fell in love with surfing many years ago on the East Coast, travelling up and down New Jersey and beyond. Osmanski’s love of adrenaline and the physical bravery that surfing sometimes requires led him to become a fighter pilot for the US Navy and eventually to his current profession as a real estate investor, developer, and broker in New Orleans and Boston. Osmanski today splits his time between Boston and New Orleans and loves surfing whenever he can.

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Here are three tips to get you started in surfing:

  • Consider and compare surf schools. Your surfing buddies no doubt know how to surf well and could teach you a few basic skills, but to avoid forming bad habits from well-intentioned but amateur teachers, it’s best to learn from a professional with experience both surfing and teaching others how to surf safely.
  • Dress smart. Depending on the temperature of the water you’re surfing in, you’ll need either a rash guard or a wetsuit. Rash guards are thin, polyester shirts that protect your skin from the sun and the surfboard wax. If you’re surfing in colder waters, a wetsuit is an important item because it protects you from hypothermia.
  • Get the right board. Joshu Osmanski tells people that they don’t need the most expensive board, just the right board for them—the one that feels the most comfortable and fits their body the best.

Joshu Osmanski enjoys teaching surfing to his children and friends whenever possible, but he recommends they cement their skill with professional teaching.

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